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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Cheating Code

We’re all cheaters and we’re all sinners; if you do not agree with me then you’re living in denial my dear. Have you ever gone with the idea of need than want? That’s greed, hence a sin. Have you ever taken a shortcut? Have you ever lied? That is cheating too. You eat more than you’re supposed to; you have made mistakes; caused pain to others; lusted for someone; couldn't keep your promises; cursed/abused someone; they’re all cheating codes so you’re a cheater. If you were having a false identity of yourself as a saint then you’re nothing but a fool. Somehow we ignore all these facts and become a little too stereotypical when it comes to the word ‘cheating’. It’s a fair share, life makes us do things; there’s nothing to be ashamed of unless you’re morally challenged. Admitting to your mistakes/faults doesn't make you weak, it makes you all the more strong; it only shows that you have the strength to go on with your life regardless your past experiences.
Now why do we cheat? Life’s not an exam or is it? Supposedly life is an exam but why would that make us wanna cheat? Well it is because of the competition around us. There’s a sense of “I've got to win” in everyone but do you actually wanna win something that results in Death? That’s the only thing you get out of life – you die; that’s the only prize. If you say “I want to become someone, I want to create something that will live forever,” and you want to create something forever using all of life’s cheating codes? That is not anything remarkable now is it? You can’t fool life. If you've maintained a life being a saint then it’s only because you haven’t got caught yet but give it some time; life leaves none.
If you actually want to become something then dare to become something life didn't make you, that’s actual win. Life gave you nothing; you were born in a poor family and there was nothing you could do about it but you decided to die rich against all the odds not using any of the cheating codes then you’re an actual winner. If your parents are divorced and it has made you bitter inside, a hollow soul and you’ve decided never to get married because of the hatred inside your heart for the opposite sex then please love more and do get married; have a blissful long life together and show the world that it can be done; that’s how you become a winner. Society doesn't accept you for being who you are; instead of being angry about it, show them the happiness of being yourself; happiness is contagious, eventually they’ll be happy too and that’s how you get to create something that will remain forever. Money, fame, luxury, extravagant life; nothing lasts forever. Your work for the sake of humanity being a human; that’s what gets you far beyond life.
Having tons of opinions and express them every now and then is not going to create anything. Cursing others or unnecessarily poking your nose where it doesn't belong; it’s the sign of your own insecurities. Minding your own business is probably the hardest thing to do and you cannot do it quite well; I guess that’s the reason why you shouldn't go for MBA; you’re not quite well in handling your own business now are you? I’m not saying to have no opinions, everyone should but do not put them on others; it should be a choice. You've seen the pain in life which has caused you suffering and only because of that you’re afraid to open up and it’s easier for you to hide them under others’ words but that’s not something you can live with forever now can you? It’s easier to be mean towards others when you’re still able but who can say; the table might just get turned and you’ll be alone without anyone by your side.

I know I always inspire you to be nothing but yourself but make sure that you become someone you can respect or else there’s no point. Life’s cheating codes are there to help you overcome your current situation but never let them take any advantage of you. There’s only one code for cheating life and that is a strong willpower. Make the best out of the worst situations that you get yourself into; become the extraordinary. Now you don’t have to listen to my words if you’re too proud, it’s against your nature to appreciate others; in that case let this one go in life’s favor.

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